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In rehearsal:
The 39 Steps
by Patrick Barlow and John Buchan
opening May 5

A Hitchcock-flavored spy-genre spoof, with chases, escapes, evil henchmen, and laughs galore.  Starring Barbara Gallow, Elizabeth Mijerendino, Konrad Rogowski, Steve Wandzy, and Tyler Wolfson.

Publicity shots
Tyler gets involved with two (or is it three) women including the alluring Elizabeth... ...and the is-she-as-shy-as-she-seems Barbara.
He is also beset by people, such as Konrad and Steve who want to throw him in jail.  Or worse.
Libby and Tyler join forces... ...and meet Barbara and Steve somewhere on the Scottish moors.
Barbara makes a quick call. Steve, Konrad, Libby, and Tyler drive off in a car.  Really?