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Bylaws of the Suffield Players

Article I — Name

The name of the Corporation shall be THE SUFFIELD PLAYERS, INCORPORATED, sometimes referred to in these Bylaws as "the Corporation," the principal office of which shall be in the Town of Suffield, Connecticut.

Article II — Purpose

Section 1.  The particular objects of the Corporation are to promote interest in and knowledge of the performing arts by the production and presentation of plays on an amateur level, or by any other means not inconsistent with the aforementioned objects or Section 2 of this Article.

Section 2.  The Corporation is not organized for pecuniary profit.  No part of the net earnings of the Corporation shall inure to the benefit of any private member or individual; no part of the Corporation's activities shall involve carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, nor shall it participate in, or intervene in, any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.